How Successful Brands will Connect with Consumers in 2017: A new game

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2017 is ushering in a new game, a new era for brands who want to truly connect with their audiences – their customers and consumers. Increasingly, brands have to do a lot more than just sell. They have to build on-going relationships and as a fantastic study published by Wunderman called "wantedness" – they'll have to continually prove that they want you as a customer. The study was conducted in the US and UK markets, but I think it has significance that resonates for marketers globally.

Consumers want brands that adapt to their needs 

– not the other way around. Around 75% of consumers will only consider brands that understand and care for their needs. "Traditionally, advertising has been about changing perceptions and behaviors in order to make people want to buy a product or service." That is now upside down. "Today, consumers expect businesses to adapt to their needs and our findings are consistent across all generations, geographies and genders,".

Consumers are empowered to choose

and around 90% of them believe that mobile enables them to make better purchasing decisions. Which means, that today, Intent is the new black in digital marketing. In-the-moment marketing is what's hot. Today, we are empowered in the moment, and regardless of age, gender or geography, we, not brands have control. And brands ned to deliver on what we want, as and when we want it. So, as one of the most important tips for brand marketers: Get your mobile game right.

Operate in the culture – not the category.

Today, consumers are measuring brands not just against their competitors, but against the best in the world. The yardsticks are global bests – brands like Amazon, Starbucks and Netflix. So, don't just set your goals based on your category or industry. You need to go above and beyond and set new standards. To demonstrate a brand wanting to connect with the consumer , it needs to go beyond the basic expected every day. The concept of "Wantedness" tells us "Be the best at that one thing and bend over backwards to demonstrate that you truly want a consumer’s business."

The Consumer is Always Right.

Brands need to honestly, wholeheartedly treat consumers better – and work hard at it. Not just as one offs but every single time. Setting a higher level of customer service, connecting with consumers with true insight is key. Customer Insights is your First Step in Digital Marketing.

Marketing today is not about your brand or product – it's about the customer. Digital marketing is built around the customer, the audience you want to talk to, and getting proper insights about your customer, the consumer, their needs is what should be your first and fundamental step.

Unlike advertising as we know it, today's digital marketing is way beyond the sell-sell. It's about engaging the consumer, and moving them down the funnel from awareness to action with meaningful, relevant interactions. The first thing you need is a Customer Insight Strategy. Listening is key.

Demonstrate true understanding of the customer at every step of the journey

Brands need to demonstrate that they have a deep understanding of the customer's needs, their priorities and preferences. This understanding, derived out of data, needs to be then put into every day context. And, naturally, the creative message needs to reflect this. What needs to be shared with the consumer is a message that is crafted towards and delivers on experiences they need, right when they need them.

It's all about individuality.

The true death of mass marketing. The end of one to many. Purchases reflect what the individual stands for, not their demographic or their category. So, it's really about sharing individual values, and building towards endearing the consumer one at a time. Not easy.

Convenience becomes critical

More than 60% of consumers polled agree that the best brands make their lives easier. Sometimes, this can be about the power of the here and now, and not just with mobile, but increasingly with wearables, convenience marketing in 2017 will be key. Transform your digital marketing by Being 'Right There, Right Then'

 Use the Power of Here and Now: Convenience Marketing with Wearables. Today consumers want simplicity and convenience, and wearable devices give them what they might want with fewer obstacles to disrupt their journeys.

Brands need to make things easier for the consumer at each point in the purchase process. Sixty-two percent of U.S. respondents noted that the best brands out there, the ones that they are most dedicated to, are ones that make life easier for them.

Exceed expectations

Brands need to exceed expectations across the customer journey. Th best brands don't just make great products. They provide a deeper understanding of the consumer and connects with that understanding. Brands need to push boundaries and do something new.

The three takeaways

The "wantedness" study says it's anew concept for marketers – in an era of increasing transparency and decreasing trust. Yet, it is in many ways, a great curation of great marketing simplicities. It's an underlining of the fundamentals – made fresh for 2017. And the three big takeways?

1. Get to know me
2. Deliver for me
3. Keep winning me

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Very useful reminder that today focus on the customer is most important.


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yaah, as u mentioned this will be the future of brands to connect with people

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yaah, as u mentioned this will be the future of brands to connect with people

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Very useful reminder that today focus on the customer is most important.



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