Gulf News: So not with the times again

When I picked up Gulf News here in Dubai this morning at my doorstep, I had been up already for a couple of hours and was following news online. There was so much buzz on twitter and facebook about the seriousness of what was unfolding, and was about to unfold in Egypt. But the main story in the Gulf News was apparently how 'India was playing a dangerous game' according to Pakistan. Huh?

The editor had obviously not found anything more sensational, didn't quite know what was up in Egypt, or for that matter in Yemen, or was so concerned about his 'sub-continental' target audience that India and Pakistan were clearly better headline material. So not with the times, Gulf News! And even in the online edition this morning, the lead story is still this stupid bit on India and Pakistan. I mean, come on, Mr Editor, who cares?

The story is in Cairo. And Yemen. Hello? Well, Gulf News: Breaking News is: There's a lot going on in Egypt. And protesters and the Opposition there have called for organized protests for Friday (today). And, like what happened in Iran a few months ago, a lot of the organization is happening, and gaining momentum across social media, like facebook and twitter. Or was.

Because as of yesterday, the Government has cut off the internet for the most part. Google, twiiter, facebook have all been taken off. There are dozens of uploads on YouTube and you can see the frustrations of the people, the fermenting of dissent, and the expression of previously muted anger now rife with violence.

The social buzz this morning is a huge cauldron of solidarity, anger, sympathy from across the world. The people of Egypt sadly can't see or hear any of it (apparently even sms messages have been cut off), but I suspect the collective voices of the world's believers in human rights and justice will prevail.