Don't get caught with .sucks

Yes, there are quite a few new TLDs (Top Level Domains) that have come around lately, but the one that is causing a lot of heat out there is .sucks – a domain that's bound to attract a few corporates worried about their image out there.

Brands now have an ability to buy their very own domain to prevent cybersquatters who will inevitably see this as a goldmine. Well, actually, it's rather stupid. The average consumer does not even know about this one yet, and I don't see them rushing in to defame their hated brand or product by spending a few dollars. 

In the meantime, the operator offering the .sucks domains are asking for $2,499 per year for registration. Oh my! This seems a bit of a stretch for a brand trying to be defensively cautious. Several complaints have reached ICANN (the overall domain management authority) about this. Some brands have already given in and booked their domain.

I didn't think this is astute or clever at all. There are so many social media opportunities for consumers to rant and complain, that blocking one single channel is hardly going to stop the negative from hitting the online space. Unhappy consumers or customers who have issues with a brand, company or product will always find ways to express their displeasure – and brands are being unnecessarily paranoid and spending good marketing money to try and block just one channel. That kinda .sucks.