Smartphone users are smart – but not loyal

With smartphone penetration sky rocketing in the Middle East, there's a democratization of brand loyalties that's altering the marketplace. We've always had Apple fanboys who would never move out of the orchard. And android geeks have stuck with Samsung in a big way. But that's changing.

A survey conducted by Qriously on a panel of 2400 smartphone users, loyalty in the smartphone zone is fast disappearing. The study shows that across the US market, for example, current Apple and Samsung users are not likely to upgrade to  their brand's next new flagship phone.

You thought Apple had iPhone users locked in? 36.7% of iPhone owners said they wouldn’t upgrade to an iPhone 6 when it's released, compared to 32.82% who said they would. A majority of Samsung users said they would not consider the new S5 when their contract expires (39.26%) with just 32.42% saying they were likely to and 28.32% saying they were currently undecided.

With HTC's new M8 coming in strong, many users in this market are now looking for features and form factors rather than sticking to their brand of phones. LG, though yet to make huge impact, is also trying to break into this pool. And with no positively heart warming news or models coming from the regional favorite Blackberry, users are now open to new products as they roll out.

This is changing the media planning landscape, and targeting across platforms via apps and platform-specific content is also becoming a harder game to play.

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agree tom that there exists no loyalty amongst smart phone users..

But the bigger question is that does customer loyalty exists in today's fast changing world where in consumers has so much similar offerings at similar price points.

Brands have higher recalls and share of mind but does this brand recall gets converted in brand loyalty or sales that needs to be checked.


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