Scared of MERS, but advertising inaction

I don't work at a hospital. I'm not scanning people from Saudi Arabia at the airport. My only face to face contact with people from the kingdom who may have close contact with camels or with people who have been exposed to the MERS virus is through television. So why am i running scared?

MERS is a deadly disease and is no denying that. What is scary is how the entire advertising industry is completely dormant and almost unaware of the threats that loom. I don't see how most brands who work in Saudi Arabia for example can get away this summer - worth this huge threat looming on the horizon and not engage on it. Really?  It's all about washing hands and you as a hand wash brand is not there? Or a serious, informative public service campaign? Simple tips, what to do, what to avoid etc.

And with World Cup around in a couple of weeks, what's all this talk about sheesha tents? Really? Get a whole bunch of people together, in a closed environment and let a virus run amok? The advertising industry knows better that, and inaction is not going to help anyone. Not them, not their clients, and certainly not their mostly uninformed, and up to now, uncaring audience.


Ad agencies have a lot more real world stuff to do than pay attention to some disease - which requires perhaps pro bono work and some sort of CSR. Agencies are too busy making money and not being part of the social community at all.


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