Blackberry OS6: Low Battery Life and how to fix it

Let’s admit it, the Blackberry OS6 is a battery drainer! There are numerous blogs and forums that talk about this issue, and a lot of them are helpful. We’ve put together a few easy tips on how to improve your battery life using OS6. It is a neat system, with a lot of useful features, but if your battery drains half way through the day, it isn’t going to help.

 1. Keep your battery charged, topped up whenever possible. This does no harm to the battery, and this is the first step. Plugging it into the wall socket, rather than use the USB on your desktop. Charge it to the max.

 2. Check your network connections and switch off Wi-fi and Bluetooth if you’re not using it. (under Manage Connections). This is a huge savings.

 3. Your screen display consumes a lot of juice. Two things: Under Screen Display, turn down the brightness to as low as you are comfortable with. Second, turn the Backlight Timeout setting to as low as possible – like 20 secs or less.

 4. Turn off GPS whenever you don’t need it. Under Location Services, turn Location Off. This is a huge and constant power consumer, and this helps a lot.

 5. Under Typing and Input, turn off the first option – Key Tone. This adds up through the day, and helps conserve power.

 6. Turn off as many Applications you may have running in the Background. On Android, this is a key power saver, and it’s the same with Blackberry. Use the Close feature on the Apps when you are done with them.

 7. On the powerful new Browser, you can create shortcuts to your often used websites. Create icons on your home screen to save multiple steps.

 8. Limit Media usage. Exit your music player using the Esc key, to shut it off.

 9. Switch power off when you know you won’t use your handset.

 10. In some cases, this still does not work. And the only way out is to revert back to OS5. This is a bit silly, but hundreds of BB users have had to do this, and are quite reluctant to upgrade to OS6 knowing their battery life will be a problem. See this useful link on how to downgrade:

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