Today's consumer is ready for one-to-one marketing. In a segment of One.

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Forget demographic segmentation – today's consumer is a segment of one. As technology is re-writing the rules of marketing, media and brand communication – and the main driver seems to be mobile – today's consumer is empowered with increasing choices and control, and is really a unique, individual segment. An individual target.

We need to start thinking of marketing and advertising to individuals, not a group or a mass. Focus needs to be shifted from 'audiences' to individuals, and that really changes marketing as we know it. Today's tech savvy consumer is so adept with technology, so focused on their individual need, that we cannot cut through the clutter of a mass audience targeting any longer.

People instinctively tune out messages that don't directly cater to them. This has become so easy with mobile, and in particular with Search. People today are in a 'micro-moment behavior' mode (as Google calls it). It's really personal need based and intent is the new gold in marketing.

Intent is the new black in digital marketing. In-the-moment marketing is what's hot.

When, in my moment of immediate need, I turn to my mobile and find a solution right there, right then, brands really need to focus on delivering both relevance and immediacy. The consumer today is used to information and solutions when they want it, no matter where they are. And, in particular, solutions that are available immediately around them.

Google reminds us that "When it comes to getting trusted advice, most people turn to a friend or family member—someone who really understands them. And now, according to the latest data, that list includes search. Consumers now believe that answers to their most specific questions are out there, and they trust search to deliver the right response at the right time."

Brands need to understand that when it comes to looking for a solution to their immediate need, people turn to search—and they expect content that meaningfully and quickly addresses those needs. Brands that will be able to communicate effectively with the empowered consumer need to anticipate the need and then provide resolution. And the solutions or the directions to them need to be there in the right context – be relevant – in real time and in the right language and the right conversational tone.

Knowing more about the consumer is obviously key. That's the starting point, specially if you are going to hyper target your audience. Data driven customer and target insight is key today – which allows you to develop truly insight driven creative that resonates. Provide something meaningful for that one person - at the right moment and in the right context. And focus on mobile.

Customer Insights is your First Step in Digital Marketing


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