Get your new Twitter profile now

I just updated my twitter profile to the new format. You too can. Do it here, now.

You'll ideally need to have a bigger, better (and perhaps more recent?) photo ready to upload for your bigger format profile photo. And there is now a large widescreen header photo – just like Facebook. You'll need a 1500x500 pixel jpg for that.

You can pin a tweet to the top, just like Facebook. Filtering is now possible – only show tweets with photos and videos if you so desire. And the About You bit in the profile goes underneath your Profile photo. Keep that short. It's not your CV.

Your photos and videos appear just below that in the left column, and of course, when you joined. So if you are a total newb on twitter, it'll show. Trends and Suggestions to follow appear on the right column. Click on Following, and you'll see a whole new format of a grid like collage of who you follow – along with their profile photos, their Header photos if created already. I liked this feature, as it also gives a short description of the folks you follow – just in case you needed reminding as to why you followed them.

Uptake in the Middle East has been slow. Most of my friends (or who I follow) are still on old format. It's nice, fresh, and interesting. Wake up and upgrade to a new you. Then tweet about it.


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