Bad customer service and viral; Spring Bamboo Chinese in Dubai

I had a really bad customer service experience, and I came back immediately and looked up the pathetic restaurant and started to pour my comments into every possible review, forum, post and blog.

This is about the Spring Bamboo Chinese restaurant in Oud Metha near Lamcy Plaza, Dubai.

We went with a lot of expectations, because we saw mostly Chinese customers (busloads), but were hugely disappointed with the food, the service and the attitude. I suspect it's ok for Chinese people with a particular Beijing, mainland north chinese taste. And of course, neither the management nor staff are versant in English. Order meat, you might end up with intestines. Order crab, and hope for the best that they don't mis-spell that word...

The waiting staff DO NOT speak English well, (well, barely), and you end up ordering the wrong dishes. We ordered a beef hot pot which ended up being a stew of beef tendons – like arteries – zero meat!! And they were adamant about it – unwilling to change it, compromise or explain. We asked for them to take it away, but they charged us regardless.

The chicken was at best OK, the greens we had were mediocre and soggy. Perhaps Friday night was a bad night after all. Lang Kwai Fong next door is a hundred times more consistent, better staffed, and the food is genuinely authentic chinese. Frankly, we could have been ok with the food, but the service waitresses were so pathetic, we recommend do not ever go there!

Bad experience, and my advice? The food may be ok, but if the service is bad, avoid it. Spring Bamboo in Oud Metha Dubai #Fail!


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