Al Jazeera’s new twitter dashboard tracks uprising voice

This is coming from Al Jazeera, and yes, we’re here in the Middle East. After having heard for years that we’re kind of behind everything (including walls of censorship), here’s something that is kind of new, and very much a first-ever from a traditional news channnel that is broadcast (or tradional media) based.

The dashboard tallies the daily number of tweets about developments in each listed country (the site is currently tracking Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain) and shows the average number of such tweets per minute for each country.

Without a doubt, Al Jazeera were the world’s eyes and ears for the many uprisings that have swept across our part of the world. Often fueled by social media and fanned by thousands of followers across the world, the uprisings were uniquely covered by the Qatari channel – and covered well.

The dashboard provides a quick view of from where and how people use twitter to discuss uprisings in the Arab world. A kind of mash of geographic location and emotion tracker.

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