The Turkish Airline Digital Pitch

McCann Turkey in part of innovative digital pitch

We blogged about interesting pitches by agencies earlier. Here's one about an interesting pitch process opened up by Turkish Airlines. Our colleagues in McCann Istanbul are working on this pitch, and we our digital guys – Innovations – working closely with them.

There's a lot of buzz on twitter on the pitch already, and McCann are working on making this a digital winner. Here is a report on that pitch from a blog...

We’re working on the Turkish Airlines pitch, a company that completely understands what thinking digital is. The brief was designed like a digital treasure hunt, spanning across social media.

It’s obvious that the e-commerce team of Turkish Airlines wants to emphasize their digital know-how, as well as they want to create a viral effect months before the intended digital project goes live.

The first thing we got in our hands was nothing but a 2 page “treasure map,” which looked like a simple mind map with the keyword “thybrief” at the center and the most important social media sites linked around.

It’s been easy to collect planted hints on Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogspot, FriendFeed and Slideshare. With so many geeks around us, we discovered the password for the thybrief Gmail account hidden in the HTML source code of the thybrief blog. Then we seized Gmail, Google Docs and Mindmeister accounts for the user thybrief. So the puzzle is solved.

Now what’s left is only finding the idea to impress a client with such a broad understanding of digital media, along with the perfect implementation. If you guessed we already found the idea, then you know us too well. Please join us wishing good luck to our competitors; that’s what they are going to need badly.

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