The Last Mile and Infiniti

I have two rather close friends in the industry – Abhijeet Pundit and Francesca Ciaudano – both of whom are brand guardians for the Infiniti automotive brand regionally. The automotive business isn't exactly an easy one to be in. It's crowded, there's intense competition, and what really makes or breaks advertising, no matter what, is the last mile. I have often heard it being said that in the automotive industry, sales is sexy and all about spanking new showrooms and the smell of new cars, but what really counts is after sales. Service is key. That's what endears you to the brand, the product, the relationship.

I drive an Infiniti. Having been a European (read as UK/German) manufactured snob on badges all my life, I just fell into this Infiniti deal, and it's been two years, and I have never looked back. And, hear you me, I ain't getting out soon. I love the car. But more than anything else, it's the last mile in the relationship that I like. The service.

Go to the Infiniti Dubai site, and every bit of the cost is there for all to see. I love it. That's transparency. That's being up front when it counts. Much better than when I drove my ex-car to somewhere way beyond the airport, was forced to hire one of their cars and then went back next day and paid excess of 3000 dhs for a 20k km service. Steep huh? So, I See yad that German badge.

Or hey, my ex-ex-car, another German badge, when the windows would not roll up, and I paid 3000 dhs to get that fixed. This in the very first year of ownership. Whatever happened to my warranty? Oh, apparently that tiny part, the one that rolls up the window, that wasn't covered by Germany.

And then, I went Japanese. No surprises, no frills on the bills, and I'm lovin' it. What or who makes the difference however is the guy on the phone. I usually don't use names in my blogs when I write negative bits, but this is so positive, so much of an example if there was one, that I musty name this guy: Jessico. He is the service manager at Infiniti in Jumeirah (Shk Zayed Road) and his politeness, his always willing to help attitude is absolutely what makes my Infinti ownership so fabulous.
Jessico is the last mile. He is the one who makes the ads that Infiniti do in the papers day after day believable. He is the brand in action.

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