I found Nurai

With Dubai Cityscape just around the corner, the newspapers are getting filled with real estate ads. The pages are full of promises on sale, the invest now and get rich quick dreams on sale. One campaign that did catch my eye was for a project in Abu Dhabi called Nurai Islands. It was introduced a few months ago, and the campaign's creative force was this woman – Nurai – lamp in hand on a beautiful beach, looking out on to the horizon as the sun sets.

I was in Milan a few weeks ago, and thumbing through the brochure for the La Scala Theatre, what do I see? Nurai! But hold on, not the Nurai we've seen here in our press. The originail, or the half sister, The clone. The original. The American Express Platinum Card version.

How does this happen? I know they're cloning sheep and sundry other animal forms. But beautiful Nurai? The developer, Zaya should be able to say something on this I reckon?


Gosh! This is like a xerox copy. Have you sent this to Amex?


The concept of originality in creativity really does not exist. Every thing in one form or another is a reflection. But this one is blatant. It is not just copying. It is ripping off.


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